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work another drink without one or two reasons of pain in my back now let's all leave ground to be watching to know this way in a sense we're dying down wonder why trying to forget you're wide awake you and I this is our first night of war to go away again to leave an open dark it's reason we're so true look into the back of your sight fix and shelve anything gold when does this planet stop progress it's slowing down to this rapier of war each knight's wearing down to a walking trance each one of their presence falls down in melting pools words you can track to each smile sent down wild hearts are filled with tar feel rad til you drown we're all sent to die why don't you drink to it where is your culture now you grow and you let go when did you love world is cold without lights safe in early hours where we're both willing to move in debt to all torn knees and bad dreams moving ourselves to the world's worst dreams
there goes the bomb where goes your black design to it wait on the track that we should be here dashes hope know the rye will now grant the two worst to tell the crow in front of the crime town acres full of living dead free from the sun we are the chosen all breed sex and lies being one year awake means you're alone in summer churches in the dark ring too loud bad teenagers go and do without hearts can reset who you are suck you into long drawn out hope where you'll never die and peace out not trudging awhile to give it up nowhere to drive we are the dreams that ever still count through the chalk marks weaken the shock on everyone who has to lie in the dirt when their time isn't out laughing when the air takes you down anger when the blood can't return when blood runs dry glad you won the prize off the grid seems you've got it made for yourself what's in your sundown what jailbirds will grow look and meet the machines in the lost and found true they're stronger than you now there's a sound in your soul fa la la la la la the reclusive painted a palace of blue ice and blue weeks and laid out the pictures of now doubt is killed without we freeze each other and take to the floor with every move that our lips are making and our way out's now a trail of ice seize out your will eyes have not left me with a new contract bright lights have served my longing for treason of the dark cry the turn is on the way home this is one single act of pride and it saw its time in the shed burnt but always said when it's time to move rend the halt never doubt when it's time to move straight away let us play we'll watch you dance now
amber 03:39
brain can't push me to either side are you thinking into wrap me up inside of the bed this is all in season all across the wrecking region glide me down and turn my days into night times the world's a carousel who says we were swimming in through waves and blue denial shaking out the water could've sent you pale breaking up in the sensitive ways that we try we drag down detour princess wrong when do you wear down into princess right as you take a drive writings of you document wrongs that you've been thinking about what a sick sick sound into the night when the ones you drove emptied out wicked sins and dirty water train for the bad blood each hand in the bastard salute south the wings of pleasance on a swing each certain light deception retread we tell a lie we search inside the loyal cardboard friend we call control take me with the light to die if the soul don't do in doubt no doors will open wide no one can truly be taken apart sometimes i'll let it ride if that's all okay to blow away the purest of we're not all facts in rows behind sights and sounds moving all change it's time to try to push you back with this I return blood to a rotten corpse down in the letters that I sent to sight onlookers are in the walls seeing extra windows they learned you and they said they lift you up when you're down
i've got a way to win at fate this high wire reaching me out oh what a drag to crawl face down it's gonna rain til it's gonna rain til you and i it's gonna sway me wild while we both drown they'd like to chop me up in red and if you send me limbs i'll nail two of them to what I want isn't that the way you go isn't that the war that you want baby hell deriving from another idol word tell me why back to radar can't shield me with you god hero's day sail away low lied to we tell it in vain oh what does it tell me it narrows my will and raises a radio to yourself take me up to your room maybe these lights here led to me led to an endless way home why don't you bury away you say living dead here we're through how does the permanent crack we'll last for one series I hope that i'll bat your eye we will not say we're sorry right heats surround me we will walk through the night slow my backslide and what I don't know is that I don't know anything at all and I haven't forgot you're missing every word tonight you're missing every single word you say we're not half the world when we don't know at all until it all is done you're missing each and every word descend the fight lane stepson burn all the day you know your soul to me tattered and bright shattered in shards of light with my eyes lost down with your pride widow would you open your cries this season pray tooth and hammer oh step to the damn plank the light's in call it back come on baby come on baby punish me
don't sleep too tight you cannot be safe for long are you depressed inside a town where right made a fall when you say that you weren't wrapped in light to die tends to be a trial it is all a death wish ride teaching everyone to know these hands are tied to a wheel oh what do we do now you set the wine take two letters down great sentry tear right into the mind of all we are to send it away and override cheer up the standstill we reject letters to wrong this right be fine let's do it all lift our heads bust out if we should die subside with a calm we're all to each start reclaiming who and why we could have bled one time black hooded art with a dream to lead our senators til winter calls carry our blitz so you can glide waited all week to let you come true with a lead barrel I cure our hearts is it so hard to wind down takes a toll but you wander torn while you cry win my radio heart maybe it's all a dream what do I say what you think your call one million times we all take with us what we can sit inside the waterfall deny words untrue deny ways to lie desire calling you home
southpaw 04:37
time within haunting winter again i'm worn dull by the path to our downfall we fight to go the day alone the loud the hour the murderer at hand they weigh me down without a goal to save tell my lies in radio ashes sit round for pieces of broken hearts sliced until we radiate it out until we are with the choir when the light goes out won't you try the war is in the dark is there oh sailors in your hour don't let you drown it's only drink it's as all a puddle of lead you drown your importance away betrayal are the tourists mistaken young rapt you're ready with the lay you down low taking misery off my favored waters are you bad for her a taken instrument heart watch me walk on these dead letters and early send-offs to stake sever the ties from us never did my dizzy left throw don't hear mountains in white don't hurt a white dress prove love true on your side you're wondering am I lamb or will you drop an anchor into my lungs like smoke swirling and smoldering you've counted our deposit and now run and write our prayer when ax was out I made it our friend I will drown for you I will drown for you I will drown for you I will fucking drown I was trying to write write down it surfaced I tried my heart is true now let's go full scale as we fight yeah we fight it's in the rain we are the grey below we drink and doubt but war flows through my head
goro 03:47
never been good at pushing the boulder from the way i take each hand that's offered out to me and i push it away each hand that's offered out to me i push it away i stand alone until my legs they can't hold the weight here on my back these stars look rad now where i've fallen and i i've gone down another waterway down through the falls through clouds to smoke you out remake your heart oh out here on your own beneath the blanket of the sky you crawl can you claw back from the beyond you say i will hammer the stone i am i need resurrection maybe i'll hand myself out to dry two nails through each eye double blind double blind rip me neck to bone let the blood fall to the floor oh yeah i'll return light my flesh on fire and i'll rejoin the world when everything is dark you'll find there's love and lies forget they're not part of you not this time through all out here in the bright i'll save you don't give up i'm sworn to play this card this is where we raise so every trick up your sleeves go oh-oh-ooooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooh-oh-oh this can't kill me with that said we'll find a way to refill our lust for the light of the day this house inside of me tied to it the fire sings the smoke clears sing to me with your words to keep
locked us inside riders of shame run and tell autumn's leaves to break you in half make it a song shake it up right distract me with sunlight season your chase with good bribes wind it back replay when i returned to us i knew it all then hear it now the words that might save you why did you seek me out with your message of your sanctuary i build again with my head held in this rising tomb when i cry dance this grenade to rise inside you now don't leave me dead don't leave me here you've so damn tamed yourself back to the brig where you can find your sea creature let you down don't pretend rights and ghosts never sent flickers of love through and out your world dissension will take you down and will take your life and you'll dread just shaking old savings our debt winds in and loots our wisdom it's all set can't resign the track we cannot be wrought down in the light side feeling like we've hidden all our sins oh yes thought you got away like you all the time would choose anything nights we weren't dead your muse is shunned are we clear with that oh your sabre makes you secure in your crime with you love is set into the ground red dove you've been warned but you can't learn shaken down we go in the back and sing to lonely weddings better than deny you can i walk trim may the die thrown cue the passing of such a withered buried wreck that you cared about when do we ever leave set your will may we live since you win all i can tell is it's a wonder so why do we hide the page that we want to read look at me counter what it says i you taught me well in that time making attempts to let it break has the salon gone dark train ride with you if you take the long descent down and into neverday convinced i wore the gaffe you wore the electric chair we sing so rapturous concrete tear into rip it like hell see how it rains on tatooine i'd do it all again if you required i'd do it all again if i could meet you without take to a role punch you way out rope in sensation when darlin turns and says were you wrong think who you're trying to turn take you into the dark now we're doing well we're doing well don't sink our craft
a bullrider 03:22
the moon our fate down on my skin eternal resting place i'd kiss your soul to let it sink in with words i fall over and fall upon it's a fall day i fashion my goddamn doors fixed to a house into where the bad news lurks wish i was thinking about how much you are safe and sound like a sleep oxygen and two and two lost ghosts i'm drawn to the notes on the floor believe if i wasn't miles above the door no one does me like you've done sad sell me i was your one who saw you home tonight and i will wait for centuries to show you show a stronger man you're all cold you're waiting for you don't know what's impossible i will drive each demon who wanders me out smoke roll leave me be he won't leave you with me no stop he won't stop to leave your eyes no sing slow never a clue slower songs no coordinates of which the wardens will make out tick tock this error is silencing you don't know what's up when up is down toothache of your your worst part again dances inside and says it's not fair no no not this way here we go on again trying to wander free to be everything that won't exist when i go when i'm gone let the world show all my dreams were done
outer heaven 04:08
listen to great news of tried and true writing to bring you home while you chase down your reputation take time out thanks for your pride thanks for your prey love is a bitch go catch and stack your losses winter's dead we both tread in woe today now that sounds really loud the silent strafe now leads into something right loose a cannon within each hall and with a softer tone leading by that to end your opening song can't say i'm not the one who laughs when it gets loud cut up and will tied taking me home tonight wicked net your words are odd now take your own line we are charged to lockers entrench you throw your hands to the side tonight i'll bet you said either way either one rather sit and drink your flood is inside you're holding out and i'm freaking out sharks can't make me don't wanna change my ways right now i will take you uphill i miss the sound of radio let's open em all oh powerful now these trails of wind are sung season to season did you run away from dreams so long please state your why bring me to hide yours and rewrite your lighted eyes that suit is dracula the extractor lie i read locked out of safer things will i not tell tale of faith what god swallows your pride we crown stats and sand won't be long we're just ripe let out the blight while we carve away the eyes which kraken will survive now hold your two paper crowns to the sky for our star hangers and wait upon these shelves yoke take it all shot down the stairs don't seek it out until we all say so reply to this withered city to this withered city okay do i begin to try do a little drinkin now we're all the time chain gun raiders let's dry off and breathe this is where we can be every child in shades of lead


released February 17, 2016


all rights reserved



Superdivorce Cincinnati, Ohio

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