So. We just posted the first new episode of our podcast since, oh... I believe since the end of 2017. Yes! I do believe episode 90 is the first installment of the Supercast to be made available in 2018! Rejoice!

And with that, I wanted to let everyone know we plan to go #beyondthewiki as we venture forth with our podcast. We're going to learn you things you wouldn't learn without scouring the books and the internets yourself. In essence, we're going to teach you cool things about cool shite while also saving you the time of doing the research on your ownsome.

Each week we'll cover a different topic. You can safely bet we'll stay in the realm of movies, games, music, and other pop culture accouterments (most of the time), with our standard deviations into sidebars and tangents. 

But yes. That's about it for nows. Hopefully you'll subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or wherever the hell you listen and we'll have wonderful times each and every goddamn week.


LA Villars

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